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Services,inc. offers complete web service custom designed to meet the needs of our customers. Whether you are an expert that only needs a place to launch your pages, or know nothing about the internet and want someone to do it all, we have services to meet your needs. We host our sites on fast reliable machines that are upgraded regularly with the latest technology and have plenty of space for your site. We offer hosting, domain registration, design and development, consulting, Frontpage extensions©, domain name registration, complete email service, search engine listings, CGI-bin, On-line Stores, Secure server, List-servers, FTP sites, and Webtrends Statistical Reports. Full custom programming is available, including on-line store development, searchable data bases, virtual tours, VBScript, Active Server Pages, and development of data-base software to join your business with your customer base all over the world. We can set you up to take credit cards over the internet. We are experienced and ready to assist you in your e-commerce venture. Contact us for a quote.

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